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Olympus… The sacred mountain of the Ancient Greek gods. From antiquity until the present day Olympus has been an inspiration for the whole of humanity. I am more than glad that through the documentary “Mt. Olympus the creation” I have been given the chance to express my feelings towards this sacred mountain and approach its greatness through the music I have composed for the documentary.

I would like to thank Athina Krikeli and all of the friends – collaborators who worked hard during the documentary soundtrack recording.

I would like to – from the bottom of my heart – dedicate to them the Global Music Award and I wish for all of us to take Greece and Mt Olympus a step higher.

George Chatzis

He was 7 years old when he began studying the violin at the Athens Conservatory, while at the same time he was studying percussion and drums alongside his father, John Chatzis. He completed his studies at the Aghia Paraskevi Municipal Odeum under Odysseas Korelis and he received his violin diploma with honors unanimously.

As a violinist he has worked with famous greek composers (Mikis Theodorakis, Stavros Ksarchakos, Nikos Mamagkakis and others) at concerts and studio recordings. He was a member of the Athens Symphony Orchestra from 1997 to 1998 and he has been a permanent member of the Manos Hadjidakis’ Orchestra of Colours since 2000.